Sound Design


"It's dangerously easy to think of filmmaking as a visual medium. You can almost always tell the difference between an amateur film and a professional one just by closing your eyes and listening to the story."

Sound Design | Obermeyer | Heritage Collection

Breathe | A short film by A Collective Us | Sound Editing Time-lapse

Sound Design | Garmin | Instinct Watch | 60sec Director’s Cut

Once I saw the strong, visceral images captured for this edit, I knew right away this was going to be

heavily sound driven in order to bring the viewer into experiencing the chaotic atmosphere firefighters are subjected to. 
The goal for this video was to give a feel of "system overload" but to overcome that with “strength” and “power” in the end.

Time-lapse | Sound Design | Garmin | Instinct Watch

Sound Design | POW | Run To Vote

This project was a personal achievement because it was completely edited,

color graded and sound design implemented in a single DAY! 

No matter how tight the deadline, I always allocate time to implement sound design

or the edit will never feel complete. While the deadline didn't allow

for a highly polished sound design pass, getting something in there is critical to

do no matter how much you are against the clock.