About Me

All Things Post Production bio of Brandon Schrichten, a highly sought out Denver post production video editor, color grader and sound designer.


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You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

This has always been an important mantra of mine that I filter my life practices through.

I continually want to grow and expand my skillset as a creator

which is the driving force in making sure I have my fingers on the pulse of the industry.

Because of this, I want the best results I can possibly produce for my sense of satisfaction

which only amplifies to even better results when executing a clients vision.

I want to constantly be giving my best and that is what everyone deserves.

I have no fancy agency name to hide behind, no vast array of team members to shift blame to.

I do business as Brandon Schrichten. My name and reputation is all I have to speak on my behalf

and if that isn’t one of the most powerful assets someone can provide, then I don’t know what is.