Run To Vote

A video to elevate awareness of global climate change.


POW | Run To Vote | 2018

This project was filmed and edited in one day. An achievement to be proud of!

A project with a quick turnaround like this, really puts your skills to the test and this is where years of experience really pay off.

Just because it was edited in a single day does not mean any corners were cut. The entire edit was cut together, color grade

was implemented and sound design executed. No matter what the project is, nothing is more important than quality

and nothing stands in the way of preventing that quality to shine through.

POW is a non-profit environmental organization within the global winter sports community that aims to raise awareness on climate change. 

Client | POW - Protect Our Winters
Director | Producer: John Roderick
Producer | Jake Black
Production Assistant | Celia Miller
Runners | Anton Krupicka, Clare Gallagher
Director of Photography | John Roderick
Edit | Color | Brandon Schrichten